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Exceed 7.1 With Maintenance NEW!

General permit 1 (GP1) permits the repair, rehabilitation, replacement, maintenance or reconstruction of a currently serviceable structure, fill, roadway, utility line or active irrigation or drainage ditch, or stormwater management facility within freshwater wetlands or State open waters. They also must have either been lawfully existing prior to July 1, 1988 or have previously received a freshwater wetlands permit from the Department. Essentially, this should be considered a "maintenance" permit, to allow for maintenance of important infrastructure within wetlands and State open waters. It is not intended to allow for the expansion or modification of infrastructure.Please note that the following restrictions apply for all GP1 applications:

Exceed 7.1 with Maintenance

When applying for an authorization under GP1, it is important to note that if the structure, fill, roadway, or utility line is NOT currently serviceable, or if the ditch or stormwater facility is NOT functional and/or under active use, then it is likely that any application for a GP1 authorization for any work within freshwater wetlands and/or State open waters would not be approved by the Division. In these circumstances, an alternate permit should be considered.

The most common mistake made when applying for this permit is that a project is not eligible for this permit. As is stated in the overview, this GP is only available for those simple projects for repair and maintenance or in-kind replacement.

For example, if a bulkhead along a pond needed to be replaced, you could do this activity under a GP1, however it would have to be an in-kind replacement in the EXACT same location. You would NOT be allowed under this general permit to place the bulkhead in front of the existing bulkhead, remove the old one, and backfill. This "leapfroging" type of bulkheading would result in a net loss of State open water and is not considered repair and maintenance. This activity would therefore require an individual permit instead of an authorization under GP 1.

All freshwater wetland general permits must comply with all applicable requirements at N.J.A.C. 7:7A-5.7, "Conditions applicable to an authorization pursuant to a general permit-by-certification or a general permit", and N.J.A.C. 7:7A-20.3, "Establishing permit conditions".

Applications for most types of GP1 activities must meet all applicable requirements of N.J.A.C. 7:7A-16. However, the ongoing maintenance of an off-stream stormwater management facility created in uplands is subject to an alternative, simplified application process under N.J.A.C. 7:7A-7.1(b).

The interest that applies on time deposits may vary with every depositproduct you offer. In Oracle FLEXCUBE, interest on a time deposit (andbalance type accounts) is calculated on the basis of the Interest Rulesand Interest Products that are associated with the deposit account.

Now, the frequency with which you accrue interest for the accountclasses has to be defined. In the Product Preferences screen, selectthe accrual frequency from the adjoining drop-down list. This list displaysthe following values:

In case you choose bearing product as the payment method, the systembooks the TD without liquidating the interest for the account. The endof day process accrues the interest and at BOD, liquidation will occurbased on the maturity date.

Consequently, interest liquidation for the account associated withthe product will be done a day before the month end. Therefore, in Marchinterest will be liquidated on the 30th, in April interest will be liquidatedon the 29th. However the value-date of the interest will be the monthend.

Oracle FLEXCUBE provides you the flexibility to refund tax whenevera preclosure of a term deposit takes place in the system. However, youhave the option to charge a penalty on the amount being withdrawn froma term deposit or when a term deposit is closed before its maturity date.

If a back dated accounting entry is passed within the current liquidationcycle, the next accrual will consider the revised principal effectivethe back date. If a back dated entry is passed, for a date in the previousliquidation cycle, then the difference in interest adjusted during thenext liquidation as an interest adjustment entry.

Debit interest is also calculated on the liquidation date. If youhave specified for an Account Class that debit interest notices haveto be generated, then the debit interest is not liquidated immediately,but tracked in a Receivable GL for manually debiting to the customeraccount at a future date. You need to specify the Receivable GL to beused for this purpose. If you do not, then interest for a particularperiod is liquidated with the value date as the first day of the nextperiod, irrespective of your preference for deferring liquidation.

Depending on the policies of your government, you can maintain a minimumand a maximum deposit amount for an SSIA. Further, you can also assigna fixed allowance rate on the deposited amount if the deposit is withinthe specified limits. The deposit may be made by means of a cash deposit,a journal entry or a teller transaction.

On maturity (after 5 yrs), you can collect an exit tax on the interestcomponent alone. A customer can make a partial or total withdrawal fromhis SSIA before the 5-year term in which case tax will be applicableon the full amount (including the principal). When a customer requestsfor withdrawal of a certain amount from the SSIA, the account is debitedfor an amount that is inclusive of the tax component as well, so as toensure that the customer receives the amount requested for, at any pointof time before maturity. This is illustrated in the following example.

A customer can make more than one lodgment (deposit) in a month intoan SSIA. You can generate a report at the end of a month to ascertainthe number of lodgments made during the month. If the deposit exceedsthe maximum permissible limit, you can refund the excess to the customer.On maturity, you can send the details of the SSIA to the Revenue departmentto claim the allowance made to the customer.

A Transaction Code is associated with each accounting entry in OracleFLEXCUBE. All external charges for billing have to be booked using externaltransaction codes. For this you need to maintain a list of transactioncodes that can be used for booking and calculation of external charges.

Our Range of Natural Supplements are ideal when choosing the right products for your horse whether you are looking for a Daily Calming Supplement, Joint Supplement, if your horse is on Box Rest or in Recovery and Rehab, Gastric Supplements, Calming Treats for Competitions or when dealing with Respiratory issues. Equine Exceed Ltd was formerly known as Equine Science Ltd.

You can now install Hummingbird Host Access products (except HostExplorer Deployment WizardTM) on a Terminal Server using the link in Hummingbird Master Setup and provide immediate access to all connnected Terminal Server Clients. Some products require a transform file to be applied during the installation and should be launched from a command line instead of from the Add/Remove Programs dialog box. For details on this installation scenario, consult the product manual. The Hummingbird product line supports installations on Windows NT 4.0 Server Terminal Server Edition (including Citrix MetaFrame) and Windows 2000 Server with Terminal Services.

Hummingbird products support Advertised installations for certain features. Windows Installer registers the application, creates shortcuts and menu entries, and associates file types without actually copying the application files to the computer. If the user, or another application, tries to access an advertised program, the program installs on demand.

A secure shell (TCP/IP) start method is available with Xstart. To use this method, you must purchase Hummingbird Connectivity Security Pack. For more information, see Hummingbird Connectivity Security Pack.

Hummingbird Neighborhood is an extension of Windows Explorer that lets you access and manipulate the profiles and folders associated with Hummingbird applications such as HostExplorer, the 5250 File Transfer Wizard, and FTP for Windows Explorer. Hummingbird Neighborhood is fully embedded within Windows Explorer.

Hummingbird Directory Services includes the NIS and NIS+ command line utilities that shipped with Directory Services Explorer in version 7.0. It also includes a new utility, ldappasswd, that lets you change your password in an LDAP domain.

New features added to the Sconfig utility allow for a more customized installation of your Hummingbird product for user groups with different needs. With Sconfig you can now set custom files, custom registry keys, and shortcuts. Product-specific customizations are now possible with support for Exceed property settings. Along with setting customized properties for Exceed, the Exceed Settings option lets you set custom font directories and servers, and font paths.

You may experience problems with MIT Kerberos for Windows Client 2.0 and 2.1 in a Windows TSE environment (Windows NT 4.0 Server Terminal Server Edition or Windows 2000 Server with Terminal Services). When MIT Kerberos Client 2.0 or 2.1 Setup tries to install configuration files into the Windows or Windows\System32 directories, Windows TSE installs them into user profile directories instead, without adding the new path to the system path. As a result, the application cannot access the required files.

If you are doing a personal installation of Exceed PowerSuite under Windows NT 4.0 Server Terminal Server Edition/Windows 2000 with Terminal Services without applying TSE transform, Exceed and HostExplorer features will not be available. For details on this installation scenario, consult the product manual.

If you are installing Exceed PowerSuite with TSE transform on Windows NT 4.0 Server Terminal Server Edition, NFS Maestro Client shortcuts will be created under the All Users profile. As a result, the NFS Maestro Client shortcuts will not appear under the Hummingbird Connectivity desktop shortcuts. They will be accessible through the Windows Start menu.


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