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Jerod Taylor's Sins and Secrets Stage Play Group

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Youjo Senki: Operation Desert Pasta Episodio 1 !EXCLUSIVE!

But, the past has no flavor. So even though they have water they suffer from plain pasta. So Lieutenant Serebryakova made a proportion to raid special areas for spices. With Tanya schockly to her men as she was in full agreement with her. Thus leading to the new operation called Operation Desert Pasta.

Youjo Senki: Operation Desert Pasta Episodio 1

We then get a montage of the perfect operation. With everyone finding the perfect ingredients for a real pasta celebration. With them getting amazing toppings for their food. It was a great and well earned victory for the 203rd battalion that raised morale of the troops. Along with a great victory for Tanya and her man. 041b061a72


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