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Where To Buy Curtain Rods Near Me

We spoke with interior designer Whitney Jones, of Whitney J Decor to get the scoop on the best places to buy curtain rods and tips on what to look for while shopping. While expensive rods don't necessarily ensure great quality, Jones recommends avoiding super cheap rods as they are often made of low-quality materials and can be easily bent or broken. "My recommendation would be a high-quality metal rod, but wood rods are great too," Jones said. Overall, Jones suggests that shoppers pick a sturdy rod and stick with the same design throughout their home.

where to buy curtain rods near me

Jones says Bed Bath & Beyond's high-quality options, large color selection, and affordable prices are the reason she continues to pick the retailer's curtain rods for her designs. "I've been using the same curtain rods from Bed Bath and Beyond since 2013," said Jones. "I never buy any other curtain rod, I just change the colors."

As for its selection, those that are looking for longer curtain rods are likely to find several options they like while shopping, as the retailer offers rods as long as 170 inches. Its many finishes don't disappoint either, with heavy-duty steel, bronze, brass, and other metal rods available.

The majority of Lowe's curtain rods are made of durable steel which is great for those looking to hang heavy curtains. The retailer also offers curtain rods in multi-packs of two to four rods, which can come in handy if you're looking to outfit multiple rooms.

For curtain rods, Target offers multiple colors, finishes, and length options. The selection also includes exclusives that are only available at Target, as well as affordable, unique rods. Many of the rods sold on the site offer bold finial designs that'll add small elements of decor into your space.

West Elm's curtain rod selection includes rods made of unique and sturdy materials such as wood and carbon brass. With mid-century and antique design influences, each rod will bring different vintage elements into your space.

According to Jones, a quality rod will not bend, even when it's holding up heavier curtains. Look for durable materials like steel and brass, as well as solid wood. Cheaper metals and plastic should be avoided if you want your curtain rods to last a long time.

Custom curtain rods, while great for adding a unique decorative element to your space, are not typically necessary. Jones usually uses pre-measured rods in her designs, but recommends going the custom route if you have exceptionally large windows that don't fit most curtain rods sold in stores.

Put the focus on the finish with this adjustable curtain rod set with cap finials. The understated styling with rich finish color will complement a variety of home decor. Metal construction 1" diameter drapery rods and matching metal mounting brackets provide support for your drapery panels. Finials are made of durable plastic. The adjustable telescoping rod design allows for a custom fit.

Unlike cheaply made rods that tend to bend or warp over time, each curtain rod is made of high-quality metal and individually checked for quality assurance. Your double curtain rod set conveniently adjusts and gives you the flexibility to accommodate 1 or 2 curtain panel configurations depending on your needs. Plus, everything you need to get it set up fast comes in the box including the 2 telescoping rods, metal finials, complete mounting hardware with cast metal brackets, and easy-to-follow installation instructions.

Open and close your curtains with ease using cappa clip curtain rings. Designed for 1" diameter curtain rods, pair the rings with the matching cappa curtain rod (sold separately) for a seamless, complete look. Sold as a set of 7, these curtain clip rings feature a modern metal finish and are easy to use and install. Their simple design ensures they will complement a variety of decor styles and drapery.

Unlike cheaply made rods that tend to bend or warp over time, each cappa curtain rod from Umbra is made of high-quality metal and individually checked for quality assurance. Sturdy and designed to support a variety of window fashions including light to medium weight curtains with a max weight of 22lbs (10kg). Plus, everything you need to get it set up fast comes in the box including matching metal finials, adjustable wall-mounted curtain rod brackets, screws, drywall anchors, and easy-to-follow installation instructions.

Curtain rods can be mounted on the walls or in the ceiling, and the curtain rod holder position can be adjusted, allowing curtains to hang close to the window, or farther out. Explore our curtain rods and our curtain triple track rails, wires, and double rod sets and find your perfect solution.

You can choose complete curtain rod sets in a variety of looks that include everything you need to dress your window except the curtain. Curtain rod sets include a rod, finials, wall brackets, a rod holder and a connector for additional rods that open up endless possibilities for other additions.

Or select any individual piece you need. For customization, you can swap out the decorative finials placed at the end of curtain rods to apply your specific style. Select curtain hooks or curtain rings with clips or hooks to nicely hang specific types of curtains in a stylish way. Choose a double or triple curtain rod solution to create different looks around your windows such as light-filtering curtains underneath heavier blackout drapes. Find wall/ceiling brackets whose curtain rod holder position can be adjusted, allowing curtains to be hung either close to the window or further out. Add extra curtain rods holders to create a double- or triple-layer curtain solution. Meanwhile you can reign in drapes with the neat effect of steel tiebacks.

Start by measuring the width of your window at the top edge, from outer frame to outer frame. Continue by adding at least four inches on either side. Then move these positions upwards another 4 inches. This position is considered by many to be the recommended minimum measurement, no matter what kind of curtains, rods or rails you have.

Absent the application of arcane powers of the occult that is neither recommended or encouraged, ornamental curtain rods remain the best way to strike a pleasing aesthetic balance while serving the functional role of holding drapes or curtains in place.

I've collected 20 of the best DIY curtain rod tutorials available. I know you'll find something in this list that is perfect for your own home whether your style is traditional, farmhouse, industrial, or modern. After seeing these, I'm pretty sure you're never going to want to buy curtain rods again!

Are you struggling to find a long curtain rod for large windows or a sunroom? Extra-long curtain rods can cost a pretty penny, but this DIY long curtain rod is a simple, affordable, and stylish solution.

Personally, I prefer curtain tracks or rods close to the top of the window. I think it looks strange further up the wall. If I match my track to the window frame, then it becomes invisible, and there is no track distracting from the wallpaper or paint behind it. The first photo on this post with the dark hardware cutting across the wallpaper design would really bug me!

The article on curtain rods is a fantastic resource for those seeking to improve the style and practicality of their window coverings. The author offers precise guidelines on selecting the appropriate size and hanging the rods accurately, which I found helpful. This is a must-read for anyone looking to enhance their home decor.

Each rod is hand crafted from the finest materials, custom made to fit your window and designed to support the heaviest drapes. You'll never have to struggle with flimsy, frustrating, telescoping curtain rods again.

Drapery Curtain Rods is an all Canadian online decorative drapery hardware superstore offering a complete assortment of fabulous curtain rods, finials, hold backs, rings, brackets, elbows, rod connectors, sconces and more. We are the ultimate online one-stop-shop for all your curtain rods and decorative drapery hardware..

We offer a one stop shopping experience for all your decorative drapery hardware needs. Weather you are looking to buy finials, curtain rods, brackets, holdbacks, rings, curtain rod connectors, long curtain rods or if you are just looking for information about bay window installation or curtain rod placement - Drapery Curtain Rods offers it all on our easy to use website.

Works with SwitchBot Hub Mini: With SwitchBot Hub Mini (only support 2.4GHz Wi-Fi), you can control your curtains remotely from anywhere and enable voice control. Works well with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri and IFTTT.

Curtains play a starring role in any room. They can complement existing pieces, accent an otherwise neutral scheme, or even bring the whole room together. The right ones can make a space feel like home, and in our collection of curtains, drapes and curtain rods, HomeGoods has them all.

These modern single curtain rods from Umbra work for a variety of curtains and window sizes. Adjustable, these rods range in diameter width and size, making it easier to find the right curtain rod for your space. Easy to install and coming with all necessary mounting hardware, curtain rods from Umbra are easy to use and make a modern impact in your space.

If you want shower curtain hooks that just work, we recommend the Amazer Shower Curtain Hooks. They were slightly larger than other pear-shaped, rolling shower curtain rings, leaving plenty of room to hang even the thickest shower curtains on rods of any size. And their steel and nickel loops felt more durable than those of competitors. These rings come in 15 colors and finishes, so you should be able to find ones to suit a range of styles.

Find the right finishing touch for your window treatments with modern curtains rods and hardware. If you're going for something understated, think about a streamlined rod with low-key end caps. Bronze ones warm up the look, while brushed nickel or matte black finishes add an edge. Want something more impactful? Add sculptural finials to the curtain rods if you want to make a statement. No matter which curtain rods and hardware speak to you, the finishing touches are the window treatments themselves. Decorate with fun patterns, bright colors or simple neutrals to tie it all together. 041b061a72


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