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[S3E3] The Disruption ((LINK))

Andrew: Hey, it's Andrew, and welcome back to season three of Network Disrupted, where I, along with some very smart guests, help fellow technology leaders trade notes and navigating disruption in our space. This season, I've set a goal of exploring the issue of enterprise cloud adoption from as many angles as I can. Today, I'm joined by Avi Friedman, co- founder and CEO of Kentik, who himself just launched a podcast. Good luck Avi. In this episode, you'll hear us talk about some of the challenges we see our customers running up against, the merits of monitoring and observability, why cloud adoption will never be easy, and how Russ White is just so right with his thoughts on automation, which I'll link in the show notes. All right, let's get into it. And if you have a moment, please, don't forget to leave me a review on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, wherever you listen to these. The feedback is always so helpful and you'll be helping more people like you discover the show.

[S3E3] The Disruption



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