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[S1E1] The Power Of Grayskull [Extra Quality]

Upon seeing this, Adam runs back to Castle Grayskull, Teela thinks that he has fled the scene before being attacked by Evil-Lyn. Various members of each group battle one another until Evil-Lyn takes out most of the Defenders with a magic attack, leaving only Teela and Man-At-Arms.Adam returns to Castle Grayskull and follows The Sorceress to the power hidden inside the castle. She gives Adam the ancient power sword, holding it, he says the magic words:"By the power of Grayskull!" and transforms into He-Man for the first time, he finishes the statement with, "I have the power!"The Sorceress tells him that he can't reveal his identity to anyone and that he needs a companion, a creature to ride fiercely into battle with. She brings forth Cringer, Adam's tiger like pet cat, and Orko, a Trollan magician. Cringer is changed into the mighty Battle Cat and they leave towards the battle.Back on the battlefield Skeletor's forces are gaining the upper hand on the Defenders. Evil-Lyn conjures fourth a magmatite shower to attack our heroes. A Doomseeker is sent to keep Teela in the way of a large magmatite and is held there until He-Man arrives..

[S1E1] The Power of Grayskull

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At the Royal Palace Man-At-Arms receives a telepathic signal from the Sorceress, and within a matter of seconds he asks Adam to accompany him to Castle Grayskull. Meanwhile Skeletor questions a man regarding the existence of the Hall of Wisdom and The Council of Elders. Skeletor refuses to believe that all that power could have just simply disappeared. King Randor begins to offer a toast in honor of his son Prince Adam, but when he realizes that he is nowhere to be found he abandons the toast. At that same moment Man-At-Arms and Adam arrive at Castle Grayskull. The jaw-bridge lowers and the two venture into the castle. The pair enter what appears to be a throne room where they are greeted by the Sorceress. The Sorceress explains to Adam that many years ago Captain Randor and the forces of good drove Keldor and his Evil Warriors to the Dark Hemisphere. The Mystic Wall was created to ensure that the villains would stay on the other side of Eternia. Fearing that the villains would one day break free The Council of Elders transformed themselves into a magical crystal orb that was hidden deep within Castle Grayskull. A bemused Prince Adam prepares to leave, but the Sorceress tells him that The Council of Elders foretold of a day when a hero would emerge to protect Eternia. The Sorceress tells Adam that he is to be transformed into He-Man. Adam thinks it all to be a birthday prank and leaves Castle Grayskull. Journeying back to the Royal Palace on a Sky Sled Adam is shocked when he sees his home in ruins.

On the planet Eternia, an amnesiac Prince Adam has been separated from his father King Randor during the treachery of his uncle Keldor. Upon being part of a Tiger Tribe with his best friend Krass'tine, Prince Adam later finds a Power Sword that transforms him into He-Man, the most powerful man in the universe. With Cringer, Krass'tine, and their new allies Teela and Duncan, known as Man-At-Arms, they work to fight the forces of Keldor upon his transformation into the evil Skeletor, and his minions Evil-Lyn, Beast Man, and Trap Jaw.

With the Sword of Power in his possession, Skeletor combines it with the power of the Havoc Staff to become the Cosmic Terror, a gigantic winged dragon-like kaiju of cosmic power. Flying from the remains of Castle Grayskull, he absorbs the Powers of both Grayskull and Havoc from the Masters, Dark Masters, their vehicles, and the Havoc pools all over Eternia to rip open a portal to the Heart of the Universe, to change the universe into his twisted image. Drained of their powers, the Masters begin to lose hope, until Krass comes to self-enlightenment, letting go of her selfish desires and acknowledging the Masters as family. With that realization, Krass suddenly develops a power of her own, with the other Masters coming to realizations of who they are, resulting in them unlocking the power of the Universe within, restoring their Master forms. Traveling to the Heart, they face off against Skeletor, who holds onto the upper hand, until Adam manages to remove the Sword of Power from the Terror, and combined with the Masters' Power, He-Man defeats Skeletor and reverts him to the powerless Prince Keldor, allowing him to be imprisoned in the Royal Dungeons. However, he warns them a massive threat is on the way. With Skeletor defeated and the Havoc Staff missing, the Masters plan to rebuild Castle Grayskull, and Adam spreads the Power of Grayskull across Eternia for everyone to use. However, Beast Man finds the Havoc Staff in Levitathe, and in the Fright Zone, Evil-Lyn (who had managed to keep her Havoc powers due to being dragged away from the battle), discovers her winged bat construct, Horakoth, is actually her father, Hordak, a harbinger who seeks to claim her as his equal for bringing the coming of his people. 041b061a72


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