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Scph10000 Bin And Rom1 15 [UPD]

if you want to download this, please click one link below and wait to load.. you can download from our file hosting service for free. all downloads are completely legal, and you do not need to download software in order to download.

Scph10000 Bin And Rom1 15

now you need to put all of them into a single folder (that has all of your ps2 roms, like scph3000.bin, scph3004r.bin, scph39001.bin, scph5000.bin, psone.bin). then, if you need to, you can create a folder or subfolder (just like when you make new folders using your computer.) and place all the files inside of that folder.

if you've been paying attention to all of this, you've probably noticed that we used the files that we ripped earlier (in the last post) as all of the files we're about to list are the same exact files (scph10000, scph30004r, scph39001, and scph5000). these are all the ps2 bios files that were given to you by the ps2 emulators listed above.

as for the file, psone.bin, you probably know what it is, right? it's the file that gives the psx emulator access to the memory card and it's the file that contains the memory card, access, and data that the emulators use to emulate your old psx.

there are some ps2 bios files that would be nice, but it's beyond my abilities to provide you the info on them. if you want to know more, please email us! we want to provide a comprehensive guide for ps2 emulation for any and all people that want to emulate the ps2 on there phones!

if you've been paying attention to the posts that we've made up until this point, you'll probably remember that we mentioned how ps2 emulators can not run games without a proper bios files. well, this can be the reason why ps2 emulators seem to be very glitchy, because not all of them use the same bios files as you have! here are the bios files that we mentioned above and what they do!


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