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Two Sides One Truth Stage Play               Lakeland Florida
Two Sides One Truth Stage Play               Lakeland Florida
May 18, 2024, 2:30 PM
Kathleen High School

 Stage Plays


What started off to be a surprise party for mom’s, turned into a lock down from hell. March 11, 2020 was the day that all of our lives changed.  We didn’t know where it came from, We didn’t know how it got here.. and what it was going to do now that it is here.  All we know is that it was invading our lives bringing exposure and vengeance.   

What They Don't Know.jpg

A mother’s love is unconditional. In Jerod Taylor’s newest stage play Momma’s hurt you will see a family being held together by the strains of a mother's prayers. Siblings filled with hatred, years of pain, secrets and lies has torn them apart. We will embark on the family chaotic journey and watch how the distress wears down on Momma Phylliss. Come witness the power of prayer and a show just how far a mothers love can reach..


A group of friends gather for the wedding of Jamie and Greg the city's most popular couple. After the arrival, things begin to unfold. One by one the friends boldly exposes each other's secrets that causes deadly reactions. Things may seem perfect for "The" couple, but the few are about to find out what really goes on behind closed doors.


     After a long and tedious journey in graduate school Meesha Monroe is finally getting ready to walk across the stage and the whole family is there to see! What everyone thought would be a joyous occasion turned out to be a nightmare when the family dysfunctions starts to unfold. Who would've known the family jewel would turn out to be the family’s dirty exposer? Affairs, murder, child abandonment, and secret after secret uncovered, ones that goes deep; a place of no return. Blood is thicker than water, but this family will wither if no one tends to its roots; or will it be to late? Find out in Jerod Taylor’s new stage play Misery’s Company.

The Wilson family appears to have it all together. They possess the house, the cars, the money, and all the other things they ever wanted in life. They were truly in Paradise, that is until secrets of the past begin to unfold leaving the Wilson's anywhere ... but together.

How will they pull through after losing a loved one to tragedy? Will Evelyn, a mother of two, persevere, or will she return to the streets and old drug addictions? Will Bruce, a successful business man and Husband, remain humble and pray through these tough and turbulence times, or will he allow the troubles of life to slowly kill him and destroy his faith?

Trouble in Paradise will take you into the Wilson's home to witness real life adult issues...

... secrets
... lies
... sexual abuse
... hurt and abandonment


       Pastor Paul Smith has it going on, money, fame and the city’s most flourishing church.  What more can a man ask for? Pastor Paul has got all the answers to that question… women, more money, more fame. It starts from the head, the mothers are gambling, the deacon is whoring and the musicians are dancing and it’s not a holy dance.  Lady Smith Pastor Smith’s wife seems to be the only saint amongst the leaders in the church.  Skeletons are dancing out of the closet and judgement day is about to put every one of them where they belong.  

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